Bezawit Yosef

Director of Product Enhancement

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Bezawit joined the BLUSOURCE team in 2004, less
than a year after moving to Oklahoma. She graduated in May 2010 with a bachelor’s
degree in Business Management.

Her favorite pastimes are spending time with family and friends, watching movies and
documentaries, playing scrabble, solving jig-saw puzzles, and traveling.

Bezawit’s favorite thing about BLUSOURCE?

“The people I work with, the job that we do, the difference we are making in people’s
lives, and definitely the satisfaction that I get at the end of the day—just a few of the
things I enjoy about BLUSOURCE.”

Jeff Beloncik

Account Manager

A native of Yukon, Oklahoma, Jeff graduated from Southern Nazarene University in
Bethany, Oklahoma, with a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. Before joining
BLUSOURCE in June 2007, Jeff worked for three years at SNU as an Admissions
Counselor and then worked for a short time with a nonprofit organization called
Christian Networks. He later worked for Midland Mortgage and SBC/AT&T Advertising
& Publishing.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time with family and friends, fly fishing, playing
golf, traveling, and watching movies.

Jeff’s favorite thing about BLUSOURCE?

“Knowing that every day, the work I do supports the distribution of vital humanitarian
aid to countless individuals throughout the world. In this employment, I am making a

John McAlister

Account Manager Support

John was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated from the University of
Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. John worked in the sales
division of Campbell’s Soup Company for 26 years. In August 2006, John joined the

John enjoys watching and playing golf as well as traveling in his free time. He also
enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters and son, and his grandchildren.

John’s favorite thing about BLUSOURCE?

“The people I work with and the work we do. We are all working together toward the
same goal.”

Tyler Hayes

Account Manager

Tyler joined the Blusource family in the summer of 2014. Prior to Blusource, Tyler worked
for a few different Churches leading the worship and arts ministry, and spent a few years doing
software support for an Oklahoma City based software company.

Tyler was born, and still lives in Oklahoma City with his wife Leah, and son Noah. He is an
“okie” through and through! Tyler is a self-proclaimed people person, and loves talking to
strangers, and hearing their stories. He cherishes Saturday mornings with his wife and son,
and enjoys food (a lot), good coffee, the great outdoors, running, reading, and leading worship.

Tyler’s favorite thing about BLUSOURCE?

“The team-work! It is such a joy working with people who help each other! We are not only
making a difference in each other’s lives, but our unity in purpose helps us better serve our
non-profit and corporate partners." 

Kayla Sanders

Graphic Design, Creative Services

Kayla is a proud Okie who first came to BLUSOURCE part time in 2007-2008. She later 
left Oklahoma to pursue her collegiate career in Springfield, MO at Evangel University
for a B.A. in Art/Graphic Design. After graduation in 2011, Kayla stepped into an 
competitive career field in a slumping economy. She completed many internships, 
including one in which she assisted art directors at a promotion company in NYC. In 2012,
an opportunity arose and Kayla found herself again at BLUSOURCE, but this time as their 
in-house graphic designer. With a heart always hoping to design for a company that made 
a meaningful difference in the world, she couldn’t be happier being a part of BLUSOURCE.

If you catch Kayla outside of the office, she is probably still doing something creative: crafting, 
painting, cooking, etc. She is constantly traveling, trying something new, and visiting friends. 
Kayla loves brushing up on her Spanish and keeping up on current movies, music, and local 
eats. She’s a lover of family, friends, dogs, and adventures.

Kayla’s favorite thing about BLUSOURCE? 

“My strength has always been in creativity, but my desire is to help others.
At BLUSOURCE I’m now a part of an entire team that fits together perfectly, each with
their own unique talents, all working together with the same passion; equipping others
to find and give purpose.”

Dustin Whitfield

Director of Warehouse and Logistics

Dustin joined the BLUSOURCE family in 2002. Prior to his time at BLUSOURCE,
Dustin was employed by Bancfirst of Oklahoma City.

Dustin now lives in Guthrie, Oklahoma, with his wife, Emily, and his son. He truly
enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son. Dustin can be found going on
walks with his family, chasing his son around the yard, rooting for the Oklahoma State
Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, or grilling in the backyard.

Dustin’s favorite thing about BLUSOURCE?

“I love knowing that I get to come to work and make a difference in someone else’s life.
We get to stand in the gap and provide a multitude of potentially life changing goods for
those that can’t. It can be a single toothbrush or a truck load of textbooks, yet each item
is important to the end recipient. Not every job can offer that kind of fulfillment.”

Amy Yousey

Vice President, Corporate and Client Services

Amy joined BLUSOURCE in 2004 to work as a liaison between BLUSOURCE and
the nonprofit community. With six years of prior nonprofit experience for organizations
such as the YWCA (Social Service Specialist) and Presbyterian Children’s Home &
Services (Family Teacher), she felt uniquely prepared to make a difference in her role

Today, Amy is the Vice President of Corporate and Client Services and is tasked with
dual challenges—to communicate to potential donors the distinct value and convenience
of giving through BLUSOURCE and to share the practical benefits of customizable
recipience with nonprofit organizations.

Amy is a 2000 graduate of Southwestern A/G University with a bachelor's degree in
Counseling/Psychology. She is an avid traveler and has journeyed to 16 countries around
the world including Iraq, Russia, Mexico, and much of Europe. “I enjoy traveling, but
I’m more passionate about why I travel…people. My trips to Iraq, Russia and Mexico
were opportunities to partner with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the area,
often the most vocal advocates of human rights and social programs. I also enjoy meeting
people from other cultures and learning about their customs and ways of life.”

When she’s not working or traveling the globe, Amy indulges with gardening or letting
Lucy, her French bulldog, take her for a walk. She also loves spending time with friends
and family, cooking and entertaining, and playing games like Taboo, Shoot the Moon,
and Hand ‘n Foot.

Brad Kilman

President, C.O.O.

Brad lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with his wife Bethany and four kids, Jack, Anna, Kate
and Roc. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Management.

Information Systems. After college he went to work for the Hertz Corporation where he
spent most of his time trying to figure out how to dismantle the Y2K bug. After Hertz, he
spent a little more than 3 years at BMK, Inc., a national general merchandise distributor,
as a Systems Analyst. In 2002, he joined BLUSOURCE as the Director of Procurement
and Marketing. What a switch! He has greatly enjoyed his experience at BLUSOURCE,
and his responsibilities have grown each year. As the C.O.O., he is putting his process-
oriented mind to use as he leads the daily operations of the company.

Brad mostly enjoys spending large quantities of high quality time with his wife and
children, throwing the football and playing golf with his oldest son, and any of the
following other activities: fly-fishing, playing guitar, writing and recording songs,
working out Crossfit style, leading worship at his church, working on his old house, and
traveling whenever and wherever possible with his wife, Bethany.

Brad’s favorite thing about BLUSOURCE?

“I enjoy serving a company that is truly focused on improving the lives of people—from
our employees to our non-profit partners and the people they serve.”

Ryan Smith

Vice President, Corporate Integration

Ryan resides in Edmond, Oklahoma. Upon graduating with a bachelor's degree from Oklahoma
Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma, he moved to Istanbul, Turkey, to work for an
education company called Global. In his three years there, he helped to begin and develop
several businesses both within and outside the Global corporation. Upon returning to
the States, he began pursuing a master’s degree in Intercultural Communications while
working for Bank of America’s Loan Servicing Center in Brea, California. Believing that
successful businesses are ones that create good change in the world, Ryan came on board
with BLUSOURCE in April of 2005 to join with others who shared that belief.

Spending lots of time with his wife, Adriane, and his children Graham, Abigail and Eleanor,
playing and creating music, reading, traveling, fly-fishing, experiencing life in a God
loving community, cheering on Thunder basketball and enjoying Crossfit are some
of the 
things you will find Ryan doing.

Ryan's favorite thing about BLUSOURCE?

“This place is fun! The BLUSOURCE family is one that anyone would want to be a part
of. We all like what we do. We know that our work and our time is creating good change
in this world, and that change continues to inspire us.”

Steve Hatfield


Steve worked for 17 years in middle management positions for General Electric and
Westinghouse selling, designing, and negotiating national and international projects
of high voltage distribution switchgear and supporting materials. His clients included
Construction Contractors, Public Utilities, State and Federal Government Contractors,
and OEM accounts such as General Motors, ARCO, Mobil, and York.

Feeling a desire to serve those less fortunate, Steve left his position with Westinghouse
in April 1990 and began working with non-profit relief and development agencies in
the area of gifts-in-kind procurement and logistics. Seeing a need to streamline these
processes for both the non-profit and the corporation as well as recognizing inefficiencies
in the existing system, Steve went to work with IDS in August 1992 when BLUSOURCE
(IDS at the time) was only 3 months old.

He has successfully positioned BLUSOURCE at the front of intermediary gifts-in-kind
agencies by providing more services to both the non-profit organization and the corporate
donor while also providing considerable savings to the non-profit community.

Steve lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with his wife, Gwen, and their daughter, Lauren. He
enjoys all outdoor activities and traveling with his family.